Insure your property for the amount it would cost to adequately rebuild your home. Always be up to date with current prices for building material and labor cost and the amount to bring it to building compliance for building codes. If you are under insured, you can face penalties and reduction in the amount that should be paid for the loss. But don’t worry, we take care of calculating this for you!


A. Dwelling - pays for the replacement or repair of your home when and if it is damaged in a covered peril. Each company has its own calculator to determine what this amount should be depending on the details of your home.

B. Other Structures-Covers anything detached from your main structure (Dwelling) for example: a shed, barn, or gazebo.

C. Personal Property- Helps pay for damage to your personal belongings. Also known as, contents.

D. Loss of use- Covers temporary living expenses over and above what you would normally pay in case you are unable to live in your property due to some type of damage

E. Liability – Protect you against lawsuits. If found liable, pays legal fees up to policy limits.

F. Medical Payments- Covers others expenses up to limit if accident at home. If liable over this limit, a lawsuit must be placed.

It is important to have all the discounts your property qualifies for in order to have a good rate and maintain great coverage.

Most common homeowner policy types:

  • HO-3 Homes & some townhouses, includes wind coverage, not flood.
  • HO-6 Condos and townhouses (covers inside walls)
  • DP-3 The most common landlord policy
  • Flood Insurance - A separate policy, but occasionally offered as an endorsement/add-on to an HO.

Insurance Related Inspections:

  • 4 Pt. Inspection – Reviews home updates for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and roof remaining life/condition.
  • Wind Mitigation Report – Provides info on roof , how it’s attached and covered. Also details on all opening having hurricane protection. A favorable report can save hundreds of dollars on insurance.

More Options:

  •     - RENTERS
  • WIND
  • PET

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