SIX Common Myths About Online Insurance Shopping

Suppose you require repairs for your house and you approach a local contractor who claims he can save you both time and money but reveals that he isn’t licensed.  Probably, you would not consider working with him. Interestingly, people are confronted with a similar scenario when purchasing insurance daily, yet they often choose to proceed […]


Florida is a particularly distinctive location for insurance. Many residential and commercial carriers opt not to offer coverage due to the risk of hurricanes and the expense of claims. As a result, brokers frequently place coverage in the unadmitted market. Non-admitted insurance (or surplus lines) carriers are not backed by the state and are not […]

A Guide to Florida Homeowners Insurance: Insuring Your Property in the Sunshine State

1 Chapter: Introduction A home is a significant investment, so it’s critical to safeguard it with the appropriate insurance. For Florida homeowners, this includes being aware of the particular difficulties and dangers brought on by residing in a coastal region vulnerable to hurricanes and flooding. Florida homeowners insurance might be confusing, but with the correct […]