Best One Insurance offers renters insurance, also known as HO4 insurance, to protect your personal property against theft or damage. As a renter, you may not realize that your personal property is not covered by your landlord’s insurance policy. That’s why it’s important to have renters insurance, which covers your personal belongings against theft or damage. 

Renters insurance also provides liability protection, covering bodily injury and property damage claims for which you may be liable, and legal defense if you are sued after a covered loss. Additionally, Best One Insurance offers medical payments coverage, which pays for medical expenses incurred by a visitor who is injured on your rental property, regardless of fault.

Whether you’re a student renting your first apartment or downsizing to a smaller space, Best One Insurance can help you find the renters’ insurance coverage that fits your needs. Contact us today to learn more and get the protection you need for yourself and your personal belongings.

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